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Summer 2020: Innovation and M&E during COVID-19

Innovation and M&E during COVID-19

COVID-19 has proven that business as usual can’t continue and the international development community must adapt. Conversations about the “new normal” and 21st-century development are taking place. This means rethinking key aspects of our business, including how we award funds and measure impact. In addition, it means keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the innovation process.

COVID-19 is a mega disruptor that can change things for the better. But doing so requires some radical rethinking.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Promoting Equity and Inclusion through Innovation

    COVID-19 has forced everyone to adapt, and it is creating greater inequality. We need to reimagine the new normal, and embrace DEI-driven innovation.

  2. MERL in the time of COVID-19: A Series

    Monitoring, evaluation, research and learning methodologies in international development typically rely on in-person activities. So, what happens during a global pandemic? This four-part series will explore successes and learnings for data collection during COVID-19.

  3. COVID-19: The Impact on Girls in India

    A collection of 230 interviews with girls in India paints a picture of the challenges they are facing and what can be done to ensure they not only survive, but avoid being trafficked and return to school, as COVID-19 dramatically impacts their lives.

  4. The Equality Accelerator: Funding Girl-Led Organizations

    Youth-friendly funding databases are not easy to come by. We engaged girls to better understand their needs. Learn what we discovered and read about a new database designed for girls, by girls.

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