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With your gift of a Sunny Days subscription, your sponsored child will not only have new magazines to look forward to receiving, but they’ll also be reminded that you’re thinking of them.

This year, we’re offering a new edition of Plan’s educational children’s magazine, Sunny Days, for you to send to your sponsored child!

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365 Sunny Days for your Sponsored Child!

We know life is busy, and there isn’t always time to write to your sponsored children. But with a one-time subscription to Sunny Days Magazine, your sponsored children will receive a fun and educational magazine for each month of the year. There’s no easier way to show them how much you care!

With a one-time subscription to Sunny Days, your sponsored child will receive one magazine for each month of the year, for just $63. Content includes fun activities for all ages:


Sunny Days Scribble and Scrawl

As a sponsor, you know education is the key to unlocking a better and more equal future. That’s why we’re hoping you’ll also consider making an extra gift to help another child who doesn’t have a caring sponsor like you, like 16-year-old Mariam from Mali.

Every day the pandemic is pushing more families into poverty, which means that more adolescent girls like Mariam are at higher risk for gender-based violence, child marriage and never returning to school.

“One day, the brothers of my late husband came to see me and told me that they were going to give Mariam in marriage,” Mariam’s mother Kafounè explained. “You know, here it’s like that. Men make this kind of decision and call you just to inform you.”

This wasn’t an isolated incident — other families in Mariam’s community were making similar arrangements for their daughters. Plan decided to hold an awareness raising meeting for village authorities and parents, focused on the benefits of education for all children and the dangers of child marriage.

After attending the session, Kafounè confronted her brothers-in-law, demanding the marriage be called off. Mariam is grateful to be able to return to school, but she knows too many girls will never set foot inside a classroom again. “Child marriage should be abolished because it is dangerous for the health of girls and hinders their development and education.”

You can help to clear the path for girls like Mariam during these challenging times, so they’re free to make their dreams a reality.

Your donation to Plan International USA will be used will be used where needed most, to help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. Donations can support programs, innovation and infrastructure required to deliver our programs to girls and children worldwide, in areas such as protection, education, health, sanitation, disaster relief and economic empowerment.


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