Two massive earthquakes, followed by more than 100 aftershocks, have created ruin across Syria and Türkiye (formerly Turkey). Children are being pulled from the rubble in freezing weather and are in a state of shock, completely terrified at the scenes unfolding before them.

Syria, in particular, will struggle to deal with this new tragedy. The country was already grappling with 10 years of war — 90% of families are living in poverty, infrastructure is destroyed and children are in constant fear of violence. Girls and young women were already vulnerable. In the aftermath of this catastrophic disaster, they are now at high risk of abuse and exploitation.

Supporting Plan International’s response to the earthquakes means supporting the unique needs of girls. We help all people in crisis, and with your support, we’ll make sure girls’ needs in particular don’t fall through the cracks.


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Any donations received that exceed what is needed for this emergency will be directed to other areas of greatest humanitarian need, helping more girls and their families in crisis. Thank you for your generosity.