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Tanzania: Tusome Pamoja – Let’s Read Together

Plan International USA is working closely with Research Triangle International (RTI International) to increase the effective engagement of parents and community members in their children’s education in approximately 3,000 school communities in Zanzibar and four regions within mainland Tanzania. In support of improved learning outcomes, specifically reading outcomes, Tusome Pamoja will initially work to establish structures that sponsor greater collaboration between households, community, and school while respecting and supporting existing structures such as school management committees and village assembly committees. Plan International USA’s role is to develop training programs for and incorporate social behavior change communication strategies to engage parents and the wider school community. Tusome Pamoja will accomplish this through close relationships with the Government of Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other active stakeholders at the national and local levels.

USAID, Sub-contract to Research Triangle International
Grant Amount
Project Start Date
January 2016
Project End Date
September 2020
Technical Area Covered
Community and Parental Engagement Around Education

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