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Gender & Youth Equality

The Importance of Technology in Activism

By Malika

Technology in the modern era has garnered an almost negative image. While we recognize its many impacts on our daily lives, there is also an unjust sentiment. A lot of accessible technology used by teens like mobile technology, social media, and digital media have been stigmatized because of their drawbacks. That being said, being engaged in social media is not only helpful, but crucial for activism.  

Firstly, youth voices dominate on social media channels. Social media industries are built and geared towards youth and appeal to their needs. Thus, social media platforms are excellent ways for youth to share their opinions in a space with many of their peers. Through social media, youth are given agency. They can share and express whatever they’re passionate about without any fear of not being taken seriously. Social media channels are different from a lot of other media because – unlike with some forms of traditional media – youth voices can be respected as mature, significant, and valuable. Because of this, organizations must be able to use youth and technology together to their advantage. Young community members have a great handle on social media, and through these platforms, they can inspire many of their peers across the world to pay attention to a campaign.

Secondly, social media can reach anyone who has access to the internet. One post can reach an unprecedented amount of people in a short amount of time. Because of the capability to connect and spread information, it is crucial for raising awareness and amplifying the voices of youth. The emergence of social media is a global phenomenon and it makes campaigns and programs available to so many. Through this, members of many communities can learn how to be involved, make global connections, and form partnerships.

Ultimately, activism is evolving. And for organizations that prioritize their work around children, it is imperative that the voices of young people are heard. In a modern era, youth and technology (especially social media) seem to go hand in hand. Thus, in order to raise awareness and ensure the inclusion of youth voices, organizations must be in touch with youth, and learn how to use social media as effective platforms.

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