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The Philippines: Marawi Response Project (MRP)

The Marawi Response Project (MRP), based in Mindanao, Philippines, is designed to increase opportunities for individuals and communities affected by the 2017 conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and ISIS-inspired militants. The project will seek to improve economic conditions and increase social cohesion among displaced persons and their host communities in Marawi and neighboring areas.

Project activities are aimed at resumption of economic livelihoods and business recovery, solidify a social contract between citizens and their local government, and increased social cohesion. MRP will use cross-cutting principles throughout project interventions, to include advancing leadership opportunities and the active participation of marginalized groups.

MRP will partner with, and ensure the participation of, civil society and the private sector. Local partners currently include ECOWEB (Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits) and MARADECA (Maranao People Development Center). MRP will also work with Souktel Inc., a U.S.-based business, to develop a digital adaptive management platform which will allow the project to routinely upload and monitor data for decision-making.

$25 Million
Project Start Date
September 2018
Project End Date
August 2021
Technical Areas Covered
Early Recovery, Economic Empowerment, Social Cohesion, Civil Society Development, Addressing Drivers of Violent Extremism, Advocacy

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