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El Salvador: Youth Employment Solutions (YES)

Since June 2011, Plan has been implementing the Youth Employment Solutions program in the departments of La Libertad, San Salvador, Chalatenango, Cabañas, and Cuscatlán. This project seeks to contribute to the solution of social and economic exclusion of young people between 16 and 25 years of age, who neither work nor study, are at risk of abandoning their studies, and belong to families living in conditions of poverty in Plan program areas. Within the last three years, this project has reached more than 2,300 youth, of which 645 have been successfully placed in and retained decent jobs and 287 have developed their own microenterprises. YES has cultivated partnerships with 73 companies to support youth employment.

Medicor Foundation
Project Start Date
June 2011
Technical Areas Covered
Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

The program has three main components:

  1. Youth development: This component facilitates the access of youth to career counseling, information about the labor market and business opportunities, acquisition of life skills for employment, career counseling, job placement, and opportunities for decent work that enable young people to create life plans to help them reach their potential.

  2. Linkages with the business sector: Participation of the private business sector is promoted to improve the employability of young people, through implementation of employment contracts, internships, tutorials, scholarships, and inclusive enterprise development.

  3. Political advocacy: This effort focuses on the creation of environments favorable to economic growth through encouragement of social dialogue and implementation of public policy. Greater investment is made to facilitate the entry of young people into the labor force via employment opportunities or by way of entrepreneurial development, both of which enable youth to achieve decent and sustainable means of livelihood.

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