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The YUGA Network Receives The Emerging Leader Award!

By Plan International USA

 The Youth Engagement Team at Plan International USA is happy to announce that on March 4th the Youth United for Global Action (YUGA) network was awarded The Emerging Leader Award by Leadership Rhode Island, a nationally recognized community leadership development organization. Every year, Leadership Rhode Island brings together members of the greater Rhode Island community to honor the state's most inspiring leaders at the Annual Inspiring Leaders Awards Luncheon. Leadership RI presented four inspiring leaders awards, the Emerging Leader Award being one. The Emerging Leader Award recognizes outstanding young people whose vision, dedication, and leadership qualities have inspired others to take action to create community change.

"I encourage you to include young people in the voice of your communities. We are passionate and driven, full of new ideas. We are honest and humble, and we are ready to become engaged in our communities. Youth governance in your businesses, your non-profits, your programs and your decision making will endlessly benefit your organization. Give us a chance to inspire you, and give us a chance to change your minds". - Amelia Bowen 

Plan International USA staff, YUGA members and advisors from Rhode Island, and one Youth Advisory Board member attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the network. Amelia Bowen, a past YUGA Leadership Summit participant, gave a speech about the impact YUGA and Plan International USA has had on youth and local communities. In addition, we presented a short video from the perspective of current and past YUGA members to illustrate the impact YUGA has had on their lives. Check out the video below!


"We have become invested in mobilizing the efforts of the rest of our generation in order to be the change we hope to see." -Amelia Bowen

We want to thank and congratulate the entire YUGA network for your continued hard work and commitment to Plan International USA's mission and campaigns. This award belongs to all of you.

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