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Togo: GF Round 9 Malaria

The malaria project in Togo aims to:

  • Increase the utilization of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN)s by the population to 90 percent in 2014 through the distribution of LLINs during a national campaign, as well as continued routine distribution and mobilization of community relays’ proximity to enhance the use of LLINs.
  • Increase the protection of pregnant women IPT2 to 90 percent in 2014 by mobilizing community relays to increase antenatal service usage; to ensure the proper management of malaria cases by 90 percent in 2014 through the adaptation of the technical modules of training, the training/upgrading of health care providers, the capacity of malaria diagnosis, and acquisition of antimalarial drugs.
  • Strengthen the capacity of management, coordination, and monitoring/evaluation of the program with an emphasis on strengthening management capacity and partnership with the private sector, NGOs, and associations through contracts of service delivery and monitoring/evaluation of interventions against malaria.

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