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Transparency & Accountability

At Plan International USA, we are first and foremost responsible to the children and communities with whom we work, as well as to all of our supporters, sponsors, partners, and donors. Commitment to accountability and ethical practices and adherence to strong and comprehensive standards are central to everything we do. Recognized as one of the lead non-governmental organizations in the U.S., setting higher standards of accountability, we believe in trust, transparency, and responsibility.

We recognize our duty to use contributions as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be accountable to all our stakeholders, and our high ratings with various external monitoring groups reflect both the impact our programs have, in addition to our good stewardship practices. Among others, we are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, and InterAction.

With the support of various partners and donors, in 2015 Plan’s programs impacted more than 85,280 communities covering over 100 million children in more than 50 countries around the world. Our Child-Centered Community Development (CCCD) approach fosters long-term sustainability through collaboration with institutions at all levels, from grassroots community organizations to national government agencies – for only with the involvement of all stakeholders can real, effective change take hold.

In short, together with our partners, we have ensured that...

  • Mothers and babies are healthier.
  • Women and youth have gained more economic skills.
  • Schools are better equipped and managed.
  • Communities and households have cleaner sanitation facilities and easier access to water.
  • Girls are more aware of their rights and are better protected from child marriage, trafficking, and traditional harmful practices.

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