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Water Brings Life

A Plan International-supported borehole is keeping children safe and healthy.

Before Plan International drilled a borehole at this primary school in Kenya, the children and community had to rely on a crocodile-infested dam for their water.

One day, while a group was collecting water, a crocodile attacked them, killing a child. The community was left in shock and vowed to look for an alternative solution for water.

After consulting with community members, Plan drilled a borehole at the local primary school, and also installed two water tanks and dug an irrigation system.

“The borehole has been a consistent source of water,” said head teacher Mutua. “Children no longer have to go to the dam to fetch water, so we are assured of their safety.”

The new borehole also marked the beginning of Fruits for Life, an agricultural project at the school.

“Fruits for Life has been the greatest addition to this school, boosting the immunity of children,” said Mutua. “Cases of illnesses amongst our students has dropped and pupils are able to focus on their education. They are more jovial and vibrant.”

As part of the project, students were encouraged to join children’s clubs, where they took part in training on environmental conservation and using irrigation systems as a farming method. The children also planted fruit tree saplings and now carefully manage their orchard.

Following the training, a learning center was established in the school so the entire community could learn some of the new conservation and agricultural practices.

“The presence of the orchard has taught us a lot about agriculture and how the fruits that we harvest give us a balanced diet,” said Bernard, a student. “We no longer have to go to the dam to get water because we have water in the school.”

The school administration now wants to plant more trees on a two-acre site that is not being used. The school recently received more seedlings from Plan to start this second phase.

This school’s story is one of hope, resilience, and possibilities. By creating lasting change for children and their communities, Plan is working towards a world that advances children's rights and ensures they have the skills they need to flourish.

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