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The Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Fund

The basic foundation of Plan International’s WASH work is focused around five pillars:

  1. Access: children and their communities should have access to and be able to use safe drinking water and sanitation facilities all year round
  2. Integration: all programs should address water, sanitation, and hygiene behavior change in a holistic manner to maximize impact
  3. Empowerment and sustainability: children, their families, and their communities should have the opportunity for empowerment by improving their chances to participate in all stages of the program/project cycle
  4. Gender equity/inclusion: through mainstreaming gender considerations, WASH projects should contribute to the eradication of gender-based inequities and should allow for regular and continuous input by women, men, girls, and boys
  5. Technology choice: technical standards for WASH programs should be set so that relevant and appropriate technology is incorporated into system design

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