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Ways to Help a Communities Recover From a Disaster

Together, we can provide assistance to the most vulnerable children and communities.

When a disaster strikes a community or a country, recovery is often a long, challenging process.

Plan International USA has been helping vulnerable people and children since it first began assisting refugees during the Spanish Civil War. From hurricanes, to floods, to the recent refugee crisis, Plan has developed a sustainable approach focused on resilience. Plan donors and supporters are always an integral part of the response.

Here are a few ways you can help:

      1. Give to the Disaster-Recovery Fund

        Plan International USA’s disaster-recovery fund saves lives and restores access to basic services like clean water, health care, and education, while focusing on programs that help communities build resiliency.
      2. Sponsor a Child in a Country Recovering from Disaster

        Sponsorship is a great way to help a country where Plan works while also developing a meaningful partnership with a child. Through sponsorship, the focus is less on feeding, clothing, and sheltering communities, and more on equipping them with the tools to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves by allocating funds to where they are needed most –such as disaster recovery.

      3. Protect a Girl

        After a disaster, girls are often the most vulnerable. Often, a spike in trafficking incurs afterwards. A gift to the protection fund helps rehabilitate girls rescued from the streets, where sexual exploitation, child labor, and neglect pose threats to their well-being and potential.

      4. Leave Your Mark

        Did you know there are more than 230 million boys and girls who have never had their births registered? Lack of a birth certificate leaves children vulnerable – and that is especially true after a disaster or when a child is migrating or displaced. By joining the effort to ensure all children are counted, you can leave your mark and protect a vulnerable child.
      5. Keep Current and Spread the Word

        Visit our advocacy page to learn how you can stay connected with Plan International USA, especially following a disaster. Reach out to your friends and networks and let them know about the various ways they, too, can get involved.

Our disaster relief efforts cannot be achieved without you. Together, we can provide assistance to the most vulnerable children and communities.

Plan to make a difference!

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