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“We Have Lost So Much”

Plan International is responding to the needs of children, like Chrisma, and their families after Hurricane Matthew.

Plan International sponsored child Chrisma is 10 years old. She lives with her parents and five siblings – three sisters and two brothers. When Hurricane Matthew struck on Oct. 4, Chrisma was terrified.

“I was scared because the winds blew faster,” said Chrisma.

Her family left their house and went to the neighbors.

“When we came back we found that the wall had fallen off the house,” she said

Abraham, her father, needs help in order to re-build their home.

“I can’t leave the house because I can’t leave my wife and children by themselves,” he said.

During the hurricane, the family lost 10 goats, one donkey, and their garden. This means their livelihood and means of survival is gone. With six children to feed and no food, the situation is dire.

To make matters worse, a mango tree behind Chrisma’s house was uprooted during the hurricane, and is at risk of falling on the house. “We need help,” says Chrisma’s father. “Anything we can get would be appreciated because we have lost so much during the hurricane.” Plan is responding in some of the worst affected areas in Haiti and helping families like Chrisma’s.

The organization, which has been working in Haiti for over 40 years, will be supporting 100,000 people – almost half of them children. Initial distributions of food and water, sleeping kits, hygiene kits and housing materials have already been made to those most in need.

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