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#WePlan to Support U.S. Investment in Global Development: Social Media Guide

Plan International USA is urging the United States government to continue its long-standing support of international development, including peace building, education, and poverty eradication programs.

We’re calling on YOU to act! With a simple tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo, you can help spread the word. Together, we will make a difference and ensure life-saving foreign assistance reaches the children and communities that need it most.

Here’s how you can ACT!:

Hashtags you can use:

#AmericaLeads #ForeignAid #GlobalDev #Fund150 #WePlan

Twitter handles you can tag:

@PlanUSA @BcImaGirl @Tessie_Plan @USGLC @USAID @PEPFAR @POTUS, Your Representative

Resources, links, and blogs to share:

Plan International USA Press Release (

Having a Different Conversation About the FY18 Budget Foreign Aid Cuts

When U.S. Development Programming Has a Face

The United States Global Leadership Coalition 

Even the Marshall Plan Was Once Called “Operation Rat Hole”

U.S. House of Representatives Twitter Handles

U.S. Senate Twitter Handles

Tweets you can use:

I support @PlanUSA as it urges the gov’t to continue funding #GlobalDev. #Fund150 #ForeignAid #AmericaLeads 

#ForeignAid contributes to lifesaving assistance, #PeaceBuilding, #education & programs to fight #poverty. #AmericaLeads #WePlan

#ForeignAid represents abt 1% of gov’t budget, but means #health, #protection & #education to many around the world. #Fund150 #WePlan

The budget to provide vital #ForeignAid = abt 1% of total federal budget. #Fund150 #GlobalDev #WePlan 

I support @PlanUSA & other orgs working to eradicate poverty. Call on your rep to support #ForeignAid. #AmericaLeads

Dear [Elected Official handle]:  #ForeignAid is vital to fighting poverty, peace building, & keeping us safe. #Fund150 #WePlan 

#ForeignAid is key to advancing rights of women/girls. Our country should LEAD the fight for #genderequality. #Fund150 #WePlan #AmericaLeads

#ForeignAid is a bipartisan issue. Join me in calling on democrats & republicans to support #GlobalDev. #Fund150 #WePlan #AmericaLeads

Via @Tessie_Plan: Let's look beyond ideology & have constructive debate about meaning of #foreignaid effectiveness 

.@PlanUSA’s Craig Geddes tells us why #ForeignAid is about more than just numbers: #WePlan #AmericaLeads 

Facebook post you can use:

I support @PlanInternationalUSA and the mission to end the cycle of poverty.

Together, we’re urging the United States government to continue its long-standing support of international development, including global life-saving humanitarian assistance, peace building, education, and poverty eradication programs.

Join me and call on your leaders to support #ForeignAid. #WePlan #AmericaLeads 

Sample Facebook Post 2:

Federal spending on global development amounts to just about ONE PERCENT of the total U.S. budget, yet it is critical to advancing U.S. interests overseas. U.S. humanitarian and development programs have improved the preparedness and resilience of communities around the world to combat future emergencies. Global health investments strengthen health systems abroad, helping to prevent, detect, and effectively respond to emerging public health threats before they affect our country. 

Simply put, #ForeignAid makes US safer! #WePlan to call on our leaders to continue the government’s longstanding support for global development! #AmericaLeads #Fund150 #WePlan

Plan to make a difference!

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