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International Day of the Girl 2022


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Girls are not a homogenous group. Their perspectives and experiences are as diverse as they are, and they want representation that reflects this reality. But too often, stereotypes dictate who and how girls and young women should be. And, they’re discouraged from participating in spaces where decisions about how they should live their lives are made.

That’s why Plan International USA partners with girls to push through barriers and unlock their full power.

International Day of the Girl is Oct. 11, and Plan has been leading the global movement around this day since 2011, when we asked the United Nations to make it official. This year is IDG’s 10th anniversary, which also marks the official launch of Plan’s We Are the Girls campaign.

Building off our successful #GirlUnlocked initiative, which launched in 2020 and focuses on helping girls around the world knock down the doors that are holding them back, IDG is about aligning with girls, other corporate partners, donors and advocates like you to promote girls’ leadership and equal representation.

Join us in allying with girls to ensure their authentic representation in spaces where local, national and global decisions are made.

A young person with long hair dyed the colors of the rainbow smiles for the camera at what looks like an LGBTQ+ celebration. Plan International USA partnering with Unsplash.

Girls vs. Stereotypes

As part of our We Are the Girls campaign, Plan International USA and our community of girls partnered with Unsplash, the internet’s source of freely usable visuals, to make sure that stock imagery portrays girls on their own terms. Now, Unsplash has updated their search algorithm to feature more photos of real, confident girls that break barriers and promote gender equality for fair representation.

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Girls Out Loud

The girls who selected the winning photos for the Unsplash challenge are part of a group called Girls Out Loud. Through our private Instagram account, these girls safely share their thoughts and feelings about the experience of being a girl today — and talk about ways we can create change together.

If you identify as a girl and are between the ages of 13 and 18, we invite you to join this community.

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How can girls make their voices heard and help create the policies that affect their lives? As the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Plan’s 2022 State of the World’s Girls report is focused on young women’s political participation.

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About the campaign

We Are the Girls is Plan International USA’s campaign for life-changing investment in adolescent girls to achieve gender equality. We believe that adolescence represents a vast reserve of untapped potential. When we let young women take the lead, they’ll fight for change. When we invest in girls, we can eliminate gender inequality. Together, we can give young women a megaphone and amplify their message: “We are the girls who will change the world.”

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If you’re ready to take on the fight against gender inequality, you’ve come to the right place. Add your voice to the fight for change and join the movement today. You can start by taking the pledge as either a girl leader or an ally.

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Girl Unlocked Report

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Take a look at what we accomplished by downloading our 2020 International Day of the Girl report.

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