COVID-19 relief

You can help save lives


Your support for girls and children around the world is urgently needed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. We’re living through something unprecedented, together. Now more than ever we must focus on kindness, empathy and human connection. We need to support each other — family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors.

And we can’t forget about the most vulnerable among us.

In response to COVID-19, Plan is working to keep girls and their families safe and healthy — but we need your support to continue to make this happen.

Your donation today can help save lives during this global health emergency.

Make an immediate impact for girls

You can help provide medical supplies, distribute sanitation and hygiene kits, construct handwashing stations and educate communities on the heightened importance of good hygiene practices.

The fight for gender equality cannot take a backseat right now. Because in times of crisis, harmful practices like child marriage, trafficking and gender-based violence dramatically escalate.

When schools close their doors, adolescent girls are at the highest risk of never stepping foot back inside again. When limited health care resources are diverted, girls lose crucial routine services. When family members fall sick, girls are often responsible for their care. When homes are hit with economic challenges, girls have to pick up the slack, and are more likely to be exploited or to take on high-risk work.

You’ve already helped us come so far. We can’t let this pandemic reverse the progress you’ve made for girls and children around the world.

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