COVID-19 in India


Children and families in India desperately need help.

Right now, children and families in India are trying to survive two deadly nightmares. The country was already dealing with an overwhelming surge in COVID-19 cases. Hospitals are overrun. Oxygen supplies are running out. Patients are being turned away from facilities, many dying at home, or even just outside of the hospital doors. Hundreds of corpses are floating down the holy Ganges river.

And then, on the same day that India counted its highest-ever death toll, the cyclone hit.

Cyclone Tauktae, the strongest storm to hit the west coast in two decades, washed away homes, flooded communities and knocked out electricity.

PPE Packages For COVID-19 Relief In India

Can you imagine living through two terrifying crises at the same time?

India urgently needs support. You can help protect families and children in India right now.

This COVID-19 variant is infecting young people more than before — children are dying. And for millions of girls, it’s putting their futures in jeopardy.

Help truly can’t wait.

Your gift will help Plan India provide life-saving care. Their immediate response includes providing PPE for health care workers, setting up temporary COVID-19 treatment centers, delivering oxygen concentrators, distributing food to vulnerable families and raising awareness on the vaccine.

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