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Winter 2019: Walking the talk on youth leadership

Vice President of Colombia

Young people are making headlines and an impact on the world. By facilitating youth access to decision-making positions and providing a space for them to truly contribute – from our highest governing bodies to community youth clubs – Plan International is walking the talk on youth leadership.

Plan’s mission is to fight for children’s rights and equality for girls. We know our programs, our operations, and our governance improves when young people are involved and at the table. This is why we have created Youth Advisory Boards in more than 40 countries, have designated youth seats on our Board of Directors in the U.S., and include youth representation on Plan’s highest governing body, the Members’ Assembly.

In this newsletter, Plan International USA's CEO & President, Tessie San Martin, shares her experience working with young people in our governance structure, offering insights on how to meaningfully involve youth in your work. In addition, Josh Kaplan, a sophomore at Emory University, provides concrete ways to include youth in your organization, and board member, Grace, recounts her experience taking over the seat of Congressman Cicilline in honor of International Day of the Girl this fall.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Youth in Plan's Governance: Making as Aspiration a Reality

    How do you meaningfully integrate youth into your organizations governance structure? Tessie San Martin shares the challenges and benefits to walking the talk through her experience including a young person on Plan’s Board of Directors.

  2. Leaders, Stakeholders, Decision-makers: What Youth Mean to Plan

    How can you work with young people rather than for young people? Josh, a Youth Advisory Board member, provides concrete steps to walking the talk with youth leadership.

  3. Taking My Place in the House of Representatives

    Board member, Grace, took over Congressman Cicilline’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in honor of International Day of the Girl.

The Body Shop Dream Big Quote

Calling all U.S.-based high school students to apply for Plan’s 2020 Youth Leadership Academy, sponsored by The Body Shop!

Spread the word and apply online!

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