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From Plan to Action

Winter 2020: Safeguarding and power matter. So, what are we doing?

Safeguarding Children

A girl participates in a lesson on her right to be safe and protected during a disaster.

Discussions on safeguarding and power are not new to the international development sector. But we are well beyond the stage of discussing and must be deep into the doing to remain relevant. This issue of Plan to Action offers steps to integrate safeguarding and DEI values into all levels of an organization. This imperative is exemplified by taking a look at what happens when adolescent girls engage on online platforms, with nearly 60% saying they are harassed and abused just for being a girl.


This Month's Articles:

  1. Putting safeguarding at the center of operations

    COVID-19 created an even greater need for a culture of transparency, and culture that makes it safe to speak out. We need to make sure we are adapting to the current circumstances.

  2. Power sharing for development: 3 things we must do and 1 we must not

    Power matters. COVID-19 is casting a bright light on structural imbalances between racial groups in the U.S. and across the world.

  3. Free to be online?

    More than half of girls say they are harassed and abused online. How does this affect them and what can be done about it?.

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