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Yagana's Story of Hope

Plan International's Early Childhood Care and Development Centers have helped Yagana's daughters heal.

Yagana, a mother and survivor of Boko Haram’s deadly attacks, never thought her daughters would avoid early marriage and attend school. When they arrived at a temporary refugee camp in Cameroon, she worried most about her youngest one, who was traumatized and withdrawn. Halima endured so much at such a young age. But thanks to supporters like you, after attending Plan's Early Childhood Care and Development Center at the camp for one month, 4-year-old Halima transformed right before her mother's eyes.

“Now she gets up very early and hurries me to prepare her for school,” Yagana says. “She always returns so happy—singing, dancing, counting, or reciting the alphabet. She also draws everywhere: on walls, in the yard, on trees. She has changed tremendously. Halima and her sisters going to school every day has also given me time to focus on my small business and farming activities.”

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