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Online Application:
Funding for Millennium Campus Conference

Seeking: two U.S. youth to represent Plan International USA and Plan’s youth programs during a weekend-long youth conference on global development issues at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL.


  • You must apply separately to attend the conference with the Millennium Campus Network.
  • You are eligible to receive funding only if you are accepted to attend the conference. Funding will be made available to two qualified applicants.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the Millennium Campus Conference. Apply as soon as possible.

Applications for funding from Plan International USA are due by September 1, 2014.


Applicant Information
 Male    Female

Parent or Guardian Information
 Male    Female

School Information
(i.e., May 2017)
Short Essay Questions (1000 character maximum per question)
1. Why do you want to be part of the Millennium Campus Conference (MCC) as a youth leader representing Plan?*
2. What is your experience with Plan as a youth leader? How will you bring your experience both in and outside of Plan to the MCC?*
3. What is your understanding of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Post-2015 Development Agenda? What is your understanding of sustainable development?*
4. How will you share what you learn at the conference with Plan and with the YUGA network?*
Would you be willing to help design a workshop for the 2015 YUGA Leadership Summit on the topics presented at the MCC? Yes     No
Would you be comfortable with working an informational table and answering questions about Plan and Planís youth programs at the MCC? Yes     No
Confirm and Submit Application
Iíve reviewed my application and all of it is true to the best of my knowledge.