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Success Stories

Your 2015 Impact in Nine Photos

Your generous support is making an incredible impact all over the globe, and we have the photos to prove it!

Below are nine photos showing that together, we’re making a real, sustainable difference in the world.

Bednets in Togo

A family in Togo is safe from malaria, thanks to a new bed net.

Birth Registration in Bangladesh

These four children in Bangladesh won’t go uncounted.

Girls in Vietnam

Girls around the world are realizing that they deserve the same opportunities as boys.


Women are becoming leaders in their communities and countries.

Learning Center in Thailand

Education is now a priority for these three boys in Thailand.

Nepal Temporary Learning Center

These boys in Nepal are already back in school after a devastating earthquake.

WASH in Laos

This boy in Laos is less at-risk for disease because he learned about washing his hands.

Refugees in Egypt

A young girl, whose family left Syria amidst war, has a place to go to learn and feel normal again.

Typhoon in the Philippines

A mother and her baby in the Philippines received emergency assistance after typhoon Melor battered her community.

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