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Your child sponsorship in numbers

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You know that when you sponsor a child, you change a life. After more than 80 years connecting caring people like you with children in need, we’ve seen it time and time again: sponsorship works. Check out these infographics that highlight a few of the many ways you’re making the world a better place!

Child Sponsorship Infographic

More than 50,000 people sponsor a child through Plan in the U.S. At more than 90 percent, the vast majority of sponsored children attend school. More than 70 percent of sponsored children can also access clean water, like a household connection or a protected dug well. In addition,  it’s estimated that more than half of all sponsored children have safe sanitation facilities, like a connection to a septic system or a pour-flush latrine. These numbers increase in each community the longer Plan is present. 

Your letters really do make a difference! Our analysis shows that children who receive letters from their sponsors are more likely to report feeling empowered, healthy, and confident.

Ninety percent of Plan-sponsored children have their births registered, which means they can prove critical information like their names and ages. Without a birth registration or certificate, it can be much harder to enroll in school, access health care services, or show you’re not old enough to get married. When you sponsor a child, you’re helping to make sure that he or she exists in the eyes of their government.

Sponsorship and Birth Registration

Most importantly, sponsorship works! Your connection with one child helps to transform entire families and communities, improving life for so many individuals. Thank you!

Sponsoring a child through Plan International USA creates a ripple effect that lasts for years. Learn how you can create an impact in a child's life who desperately needs to know their life is valued.

Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child through Plan, you can exchange letters to learn about their life, forming an incredible friendship. But that’s just the beginning. With Plan, you also have the unique opportunity to send your sponsored child birthday cards, Little Treasures holiday presents, and our educational kids' magazine, Sunny Days.

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