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Stories of Hope

Your Hope for Families: Livestock

Your livestock gifts are empowering communities!

Five Ways Your Gift Helps Change Lives:

  1. You help kids grow strong
    Livestock provides nourishing protein to enrich children’s diets and help keep them healthy, strong, and ready to learn.

  2. You keep them in school
    You give families the means to afford school fees, books, and uniforms so that they can send their kids to school instead of pulling them out to work or to get married.

  3. You create sustainable jobs
    By learning new skills like animal husbandry and livestock breeding, moms can diversify their family’s income by selling milk, cheese, and extra animals at market year-round.

  4. You fight child marriage and trafficking
    When families can afford to send their girls to school, these girls are more likely to marry at a later age and have fewer and healthier children. Girls are also more likely to find meaningful work after graduation and reinvest in their communities.

  5. You help build resilience
    With better nutrition, sustainable sources of income, and improved education, entire communities benefit. Extra income not only covers the basics, it also allows families to save for emergencies and plan for a better future.

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