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Your top 3 gifts for girls

The months of November and December are fondly referred to as “Gifts of Hope season” at Plan.  It's always a joy to see the life-changing Gifts of Hope donors like you give to girls and children each year. But, this past Gifts of Hope season was special. In the midst of a holiday season unlike any we'd experienced before, your outpouring of kindness and generosity was truly inspiring.

Now that 2020 is finally well into our rear view, let’s take a look back and see which gifts were your favorites last year. 

So, without further ado, your top gifts of 2020 were…

Protect a Girl

Protect a girl

Girls as young as 11 can fall victim to traffickers, and often that is simply because they have been lied to by the people who intend to do them harm. Trafficked girls are forced into prostitution, child marriage, domestic labor and criminal activities. But you are here to help.

Because of you, girls will have the tools they need to keep themselves safe. Girls and their families will receive training to help them identify a trafficker before it is too late. Even better, you will provide job training and opportunities to girls so they can provide for themselves. A self-sufficient girl is far less vulnerable to trafficking. This is how you are keeping her safe.

Your gift to Plan

Your gift to Plan

A gift to Plan International USA is a gift to the girls and children who need it most. The year 2020 showed us that the needs of children can change rapidly. Being there to respond quickly to the specific needs of a girl and her community is what makes your giving through Plan so effective. 

Because you chose to make these important, impactful gifts to Plan, your support will help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. You are making sure that help is there wherever – and whenever – it’s needed the most.

Water Purification Tablets

Water Purification Tablets

Gifts related to hygiene were very popular in 2020 because we all feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this category your favorite was a small but mighty wonder – the water purification tablet! Children around the world suffer from the harsh impacts of unclean drinking water, which causes them to get sick and miss school. But there is hope — just one water purification tablet can provide clean drinking water for a family of five for an entire day! 

Thanks to your overwhelming generosity this year, and a special partnership with P&G that multiplied your impact, children and their families in Nigeria will benefit from over one million days of clean drinking water! That is one million days when kids can just be happy and healthy, without the worry of diarrhea, cholera or other waterborne illnesses. 

There is still time to give your Gift of Hope!  Why not check out some of the other favorite gifts of the year like Chickens and Ducks, Interactive Gender Equality Games and Storybooks, or Food Kits for a Family? Let’s make 2021 a year of hope for girls.

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