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Stories of Hope


You're Keeping Girls Safe

Your gifts are empowering girls and helping them build better futures.

Praja, 18, is from a small village in southern Nepal, where she lives with her parents. Like most of her girlfriends, she had to leave school after 3rd grade.

One day, as she walked into town, a handsome stranger took notice. He walked with her on several occasions, captivating Praja with stories about working in Mumbai and Katmandu. He even took her shopping for clothes. After gaining her trust, he suggested they ride to the city on his motorcycle. Praja agreed. Her parents didn’t know.

The man was about to take her across the border to India, but they were stopped at a Plan border checkpoint booth. Staff knew right away that this was a bad situation. Praja could have been lost forever in the horrifying world of child trafficking. Instead, she was reunited with her family and received counseling to help her recover. The man was arrested.

Now, instead of spending her days roaming the streets, Praja is taking sewing classes through Plan. She loves them. Soon she’ll be able to earn a living and build a better future for herself and her family. Thank you for helping stop traffickers in their tracks with your Gifts of Hope.

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