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Youth & Economic Empowerment

Through Plan International USA’s Youth and Economic Empowerment (Y&EE) programming, we are committed to the goal that young adolescents and youth will live in communities that value their participation and provide opportunities for their leadership and economic empowerment. As a result, the world will benefit from more economically stable nations with engaged citizens, who actively contribute to their communities.

We work with youth in 72 countries around the world. Through our community-based and gender-sensitive approach, our programs engage marginalized youth to build their productive assets and prepare them with appropriate skills to manage their transition into work and adulthood. Our holistic programming targets very young adolescents (10-14), adolescents (15-19), and youth (20-29). In 2013, the Plan economic security portfolio amounted to $56 million, providing over 60,000 people with vocational and business training.

Asset creation — We facilitate young women and men’s access to finance, including financial literacy and the development of a savings culture through Savings Groups and clubs. Our programs have reached over 1.2 million Savings Group members worldwide, of which 82 percent are women and girls, and 250,000 are children and youth under age 25.