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Because I am a Girl

Because I am a Girl

Learn, Lead, Decide,
and Thrive

Girls and young women continue to be the most excluded group in the world.

Because they are girls, they are often denied their right to equal opportunity and engagement in society. Many are unable to attend school or make important decisions about their own futures and bodies, and they are far too often the victims of gender-based violence.

We know, however, that when a girl realizes her rights, she can be an agent of change, both for herself and for her community and country.

When a girl is empowered, #SheWill Learn, #SheWill Lead, #SheWill Decide, and #SheWill Thrive.

Join THE MOVEMENT to show what a girl or woman WILL achieve when she realizes her rights. Girls, women, men, and boys can all come together in our shared vision of a world that values girls, promotes their rights, and ends injustice.

You can simply wear your message on your wrist. With a gift to the Because I am a Girl Fund, you can download your #SheWill bracelet and share your message of encouragement with girls around the world.

Or share your message of empowerment on social media. Your photo or video can be of yourself, your daughter, your sister, a friend, or any girl or woman. Be sure to use the hashtag #SheWill and tag @BcImaGirl on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Celebrate girls’ strength and resilience while raising awareness of the inequalities they face every day simply for being young and female. Together we can ensure that all girls have the opportunity to learn, lead, decide, and thrive!

  • #SheWill be treated EQUALLY!
  • #SheWill be awesome!
  • #SheWill be a nurse.
  • #SheWill be treated equally!
  • #SheWill be a leader.

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