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Ethiopia: Girls' Empowerment Through Education

Many schools in Ethiopia are not friendly places for girls to learn. Many have no water or learning materials, and violence is a part of everyday life. But see how your gifts can transform a primary school in Addis Ababa into a dynamic, welcoming place of learning for girls.

The Because I am a Girl Fund

By investing in a girl and her future, we know for a fact that she can lift herself out of poverty, altering the economic condition of her family, her community, and ultimately her country. How do we know? Decades of experience and in-depth research have proven it. Yet even today, a girl in the developing world still faces overwhelming odds from the day she’s born.

India: Combating Child Labor in Andhra Pradesh

As many as 60 million children are engaged in labor in India – that’s more child laborers than in any other country in the world. But your support has freed over 2,000 girls from a life of hard labor and made it possible for them to return to school.

Egypt: Safer Cities for Girls

In the slums of Cairo, nearly half of all girls under age 18 are out of school – and many list the dangerous commute to school as the main reason for dropout. See how your support can keep girls safe and help them become strong leaders.  

El Salvador: Girls Promoting Gender Violence Reduction

El Salvador has been described as the most dangerous country in the world for women. Your support will give over 1,500 girls and boys the skills they need to stand side by side and create peaceful, positive communities together.

Nepal: Fighting Against Child Trafficking

The trafficking of girls is perhaps the most horrific and ruinous violation of human rights, and over 11,000 girls are trafficked every year from Nepal. You can protect a girl from a life of slavery or forced prostitution.

Sierra Leone: Girl Power: Promoting Equal Rights and Opportunities for Girls

Even before the Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone was one of the worst places in the world to be a girl. Due to the Ebola crisis, many more girls are now heads of their households, and early pregnancy is at an all-time high. Your critical support provides safe spaces, life skills content, and girl-friendly health services for adolescent girls during this time of crisis.

Vietnam: Village Savings and Loans for Women

Without basic knowledge of finance, a young woman in Vietnam is trapped – stuck in the day-to-day struggle to simply make ends meet. Your gifts have engaged 9,000 young women in village savings groups where they have learned to manage money and invest in their own businesses, agriculture development, and children’s education.

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