A glimpse into Plan’s history: 1949 Impact Report

December 19, 2019

A glimpse into Plan’s history: This Impact Report from 1949 that was sent to our child sponsors. In that year, the total number of child sponsors was roughly 50 people, with the cost of sponsorship being $15 a month.

We’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season and looking back to our impact report from 1949. A lot has changed in 70 years — from the grainy black and white photos, to the countries where we work, to our name itself (we were Foster Parents’ Plan back then).

What hasn’t changed is our mission to remove barriers for girls and children around the world, so they can grow up healthy, safe, and empowered, regardless of where they were born. This wouldn’t be possible without the continued generosity from compassionate supporters like you!

This holiday season, your support is needed more than ever. So, similar to 70 years ago, we’re asking if you will please help us give to children in poverty?  No matter the amount, your donation will help to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need you most.

Give the gift of hope today!