How to be a gender equality and LGBTQIA+ ally

Gonzalo is a gender equality and LGBTQIA+ advocate from El Salvador. In this video, he explains how we can all support each other to end discrimination.


Here are Gonzalo’s top tips for how to be a gender equality and LGBTQIA+ ally:

1. Find common ground: Gender equality and LGBTQIA+ issues aren’t too different. When we fight for everyone’s equality, we challenge strict gender roles imposed by a patriarchal system.

2. Support other rights groups: Understanding the different causes people are fighting for is essential. By understanding them, we are supporting them.

3. Recognize your privilege: Boys and men have certain advantages that women and girls don’t. Recognizing this allows us to turn places of patriarchal power into spaces to fight against discrimination.

4. Get organized: Gather a group of friends and learn more about gender equality. Understand the issues so that you know how you can help.

5. Stay safe: Safety contexts will be different depending on the country. Find out the risks of speaking out about gender equality and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community in your location.

6. Don’t give up: Don’t stop until everyone has the same rights.