Access to quality, uninterrupted and equal education

When it comes to quality education, girls are too often left behind.

School is an entry point for girls to pursue their dreams. But 129 million girls aren’t enrolled in school right now.

There’s so much that they can achieve, but there are barriers keeping them from fulfilling their potential. We believe that every child has the right to a safe, formal, quality education and access to lifelong learning.

Girls and young people know what they need to receive an effective education in a safe environment, and we partner with them to make that change happen. Our comprehensive, inclusive approach to education programming strives to be girl-led, because we believe that girls are our most important and valued partners in driving program design and content. They will decide their own path for the future, whether that leads to building a family, furthering their education or starting their own business.

Our impact in


4.3 million
girls have better access to education.
10.4 million
people reached with inclusive, quality education programming.
29 million
people reached with early childhood development projects.

Our girl-driven programming includes three main focus areas

Early childhood and primary education

Multiple barriers prevent girls from having a positive start in life and the chance to survive and thrive. Inequalities and traditional practices can mean that young children fail to get the vital care and support they need. We urge local governments to increase commitments toward early childhood care and development (ECCD) and early grade learning, partnering with schools to enhance learning environments and improve students’ achievements. To successfully navigate the transition to secondary school, girls must possess core academic skills and have the confidence to thrive in that environment. Our education programs work to help vulnerable children grow up equally valued and cared for, with access to the inclusive education they need to graduate from primary school.

In her own words

To speak with an expert, contact either our Inclusive Quality Education Associate, Alisha Parikh or our Inclusive Quality Education Advisor, Meghan Mattern.

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