Gender & Youth Equality

When girls face injustices, their communities suffer.

Girls’ rights are human rights.

Gender equality is a fight we must take on together, with young people leading the charge for a fair and equal world.

Our comprehensive, inclusive approach to Gender & Youth Equality programming strives to be girl-led, encouraging girls to unlock their full power and potential by stepping into positions of leadership. Girls identify the challenges they face, and we work together to come up with resilient solutions that reflect their priorities, needs and visions.

Our impact in

Gender & Youth Equality

1 million
community members trained in gender equality.
community members and volunteers, and 47,300 staff in partner organizations and institutions trained in child protection.
3.8 million
girls received protection from violence.

Our girl-driven approach includes five focus areas

Human trafficking

Child trafficking is a global crisis that we combat through teaching girls and families how to defend themselves from traffickers’ tricks, bringing survivors home faster and helping them recover from physical and emotional abuse. We work with government officials and communities to help protect girls and increase rescues by strengthening checkpoints in dangerous border areas. Once girls are rescued and provided counseling, we also help to provide housing, counseling, education and job training they need to recover and create a better future for themselves and their families.

In her own words

Gender & Youth Equality Fund

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