Global emergency response:

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More than 85 years ago, Plan International was born during the turbulence of Spain’s civil war when our humanitarian founders stepped into the mass violence to protect children. Today, with your support, responding to crises around the world remains a key component of our work.

As a girls’ rights organization, Plan reaches girls and young women during emergencies like natural disasters, violent conflict and epidemics. In the chaos of a disaster, girls’ unique needs often fall through the cracks. And, girls are put at even greater risk of exploitation and abuse. But with your support, Plan’s local staff and partners work with community members to make sure everyone’s needs are met during a crisis.

A young child with a frightened look clings to an adult as chaos ensues in the background. Plan International USA responds to assist children during the Gaza-Israel crisis. Donate today.


With escalation of violence between Hamas and Israeli armed forces reaching a breaking point, thousands of children’s lives are being destroyed.

Your gift supports Plan International’s emergency response in Gaza and Israel’s neighboring countries — Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan — where we are responding to mass displacement and providing relief like safe spaces for children, mental health and psychosocial support, education for children and menstrual health kits for girls. Your gift also supports Plan’s work with national and local partners to scale up emergency response in Gaza.

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Syria and Türkiye earthquakes

Before the earthquakes, more than 15 million people in Syria were already in need of humanitarian aid.

Two massive earthquakes, followed by more than 100 aftershocks, have created ruin across Syria and Türkiye. Syria, in particular, is struggling to deal with this tragedy. The country was already grappling with 10 years of war and 90% of families are living in poverty. We’re working together with local partners in Syria, using your kind donations to provide girls and their families with urgently-needed resources, like food, clean water and shelter.

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War in Ukraine

Nearly 8 million people from Ukraine have been forced to become refugees — mostly children and women.

More than one year since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, girls and their families are still seriously struggling to stay safe. With your support, we’re working in Ukraine, as well as neighboring Moldova, Poland and Romania, to keep girls protected from gender-based violence, provide shelter for refugee families and deliver critical mental health support for children. And, we are among the few organizations supporting girls’ menstrual health with period products.

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Global hunger crisis

Because of the global hunger crisis, every 60 seconds, a child is being pushed into deadly malnutrition. 

The world is in the grip of one of the most devastating hunger crises ever seen. And when food is scarce in many places around the world, girls eat less — and last.

We’re responding to this crisis across Africa and in Haiti, providing lifesaving relief for children and families, including food and water kits, school meals and treatment for malnutrition.

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Become a monthly humanitarian

This year, more than 339 million people will need humanitarian assistance — 65 million more than 2022.

How fast we respond to emergencies can determine whether a child lives or dies. We respond as soon as we possibly can, but each year, more and more girls need humanitarian assistance. By making a monthly gift to Plan’s Humanitarian Response Fund, you’ll help us respond quickly and reach even more children in crisis. When an emergency happens, every second counts. Your monthly gift makes sure you’re always there to respond.

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Humanitarian Response Fund

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Your gift to the Humanitarian Response Fund supports Plan’s work in the areas of protection, support to the most vulnerable — girls — in conflict, education and safe spaces during emergencies, and resilience for the toughest circumstances.