YLA leadership project spotlight: Riya

Throughout the yearlong Youth Leadership Academy, you will design, create and implement a project on the social justice issue of your choice. Here’s what Riya did for her leadership project!

Following Plan’s YLA, Riya began working on a project to amplify young voices — she created an organization called Equal Writes, in which student members write articles online about their perspectives on current social issues happening globally.

The goal of the organization is to reach not only the students who participate in the organization to read each other’s work, but also new readers who can learn from young people.

Equal Writes was even approved for a grant from Plan USA’s Youth Advisory Board, making it possible for Riya to purchase a website domain and begin working with members to publish their work!

“We are also hoping to plan and host a few fundraisers before the school year ends,” Riya says. “Follow our Instagram @equal_writes for more information and updates!”


Riya (right) stands with other Equal Writes members at an event to recruit more young people to join their project.