YLA leadership project spotlight: Siena

Siena from Plan USA’s Youth Leadership Academy

Throughout the yearlong Youth Leadership Academy, you will design, create and implement a project on the social justice issue of your choice. Here, Siena describes what she created for her leadership project, in her own words!

“Welcome to The Flutter Collective: A youth-led organization striving to support women’s health and independence through sustainable fashion.

“With the rise of Gen Z, fashion has become a mode of art and a form of expression. However, many eco-friendly fashionistas feel torn between their morals and their ability to make a statement about their identity.

“At The Flutter Collective, we strive to address these concerns as well as raise awareness for women’s health and independence. We save denim from going to the landfill, we add a little sparkle and send them back into the fashion cycle to be loved some more.

“With a variety of sizes and styles, we focus on our three F’s: Female health and representation, fashion [and] eco-friendly actions.

“Join our Let’s Fly movement on Instagram @fluttercollective. Our jeans will be available online shortly!”