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Youth Leadership Academy

The purpose of Plan International USA’s Youth Leadership Academy is to build the capacity of youth in leadership and civic engagement, while increasing knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through this week-long academy, high-achieving youth, many from underserved communities, will be equipped with the skills and leadership capacity to return to their communities and implement a Leadership Development Project (LDP) that addresses at least one Sustainable Development Goal in their own community. After the YLA, participants will engage in quarterly capacity-building workshops with Plan staff and will be supported by mentors they identify and recruit prior to attending the YLA. Through the YLA, young people will expand their knowledge about international development and the SDGs and will have the opportunity to engage in the international development community in the U.S. through Plan.


  • Youth have improved understanding of their roles in their communities.
  • Youth are motivated to become aware of the issues impacting them and their communities.
  • Youth have improved civic and leadership skills and the agency to positively engage and take actions individually or collectively.
  • Youth have relevant pre-employment soft skills and capacity.
Total Cost
Project Start Date
July 24, 2016
Project End Date
July 29, 2016
Technical Areas Covered
Youth Leadership, Civic Engagement & Capacity Building

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