Endowed Sponsorship

Through this simple yet powerful program, your sponsorship support of a child and family can continue for generations to come, even after you’re gone.

Endowed Sponsorships

With a gift of $20,000, you can provide sponsorship for one child and family at a time, community to community, generation to generation. Your gift will be invested in our Plan International USA Sponsorship Endowment Account, and the earnings will be used to pay for your annual sponsorship for one child, as well as future replacement children. One additional child will be added to your Endowed Sponsorship for every increment of $20,000 that is contributed.

You can choose to endow your current child’s sponsorship, or add another sponsored child to your Plan family. Whenever a sponsored child graduates, a new child will be selected for sponsorship according to your instructions. The Endowed Sponsorship can be in your name, or can be in honor or in memory of a loved one. If you wish, a family member or friend can carry on the relationship with future sponsored children.

Endowed Sponsorship Fund

You can also give directly to the Endowed Sponsorship Fund in any amount, and your donation will support sponsorship programming around the world. Your gift will be pooled with the gifts of other generous sponsors and each year the income from the Endowed Sponsorship Fund will be used to continue sponsorship programming in the communities where the need is greatest.  This gift is perfect for those who want to impact the lives of sponsored children and their families without the commitment of an Endowed Sponsorship.

Whether you choose to create an Endowed Sponsorship or make a gift to the Endowed Sponsorship Fund, you are creating a legacy of impact and love, supporting children far into the future. Thank you.

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