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What’s your plan?

Screenshot from a Tampa Bay Times article highlighting a YLA 2021 Alum and their project!
Aanya (YLA alum 2021) had a plan to eliminate period poverty in her community. As part of her leadership project, Aanya has successfully donated more than 300,000 period products and has continued to run her nonprofit, Global Girls Initiative. Read more about Aanya’s story here.


Throughout the yearlong Youth Leadership Academy, you will design, create and implement a project during the 2023-2024 academic year on the social justice issue of your choice. You will meet with an assigned mentor on a monthly basis, attend skill-building webinars , access seed funding to launch your project and have opportunities to connect and engage with Plan’s global youth network and partners.

This is a perfect opportunity to expand your skills while preparing for college and beyond. Leadership projects have often been used for high school capstone projects or service-learning credit.

What past participants

are saying ...

of alums feel their participation has had considerable impact on their lives.
of alums feel they have the ability to motivate others due to their participation.
believe their participation impacted their empathy and understanding of others.

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Leadership project spotlights


Following the YLA, Siena started a youth-led organization to support women’s health and independence through sustainable fashion. Together with other young people, she saves used denim from going to landfills, adds a little sparkle and sends the fabric back into the fashion cycle to be loved some more!
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Aanya left the YLA with a vision to tackle period poverty in her community. She led her a leadership project, which evolved into a nonprofit of its own called Global Girls Initiative. And through her work, more than 300,000 period products were donated to local schools, domestic violence shelters and other community organizations!
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Riya now runs a youth-led organization called Equal Writes, where students write articles that portray their perspectives on current social justice issues happening globally. With the skills she learned at the YLA, Riya is helping young people educate and inform their communities!
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