YLA leadership development projects

What’s your plan?

After the Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), you will become part of Plan’s national network of youth leaders, media influencers and international development experts, all of whom are committed to social impact!

You will implement your Leadership Development Plan (LDP) during the 2021-22 academic year on a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of your choice. The project will target a need in your school or community. Not only will you have support from your Plan mentor, but you will have access to seed funding and grants to aid in your execution.

This is a perfect opportunity to expand your skills while preparing for college and beyond. Your LDP can also be used for high capstone projects or service-learning credit.

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What past participants

are saying ...

strongly agree and agree the YLA helped me develop and follow through on plans to pursue my goals.
strongly agree and agree the YLA motivated me to stay engaged in community service.
strongly agree and agree the YLA allowed me to have a positive impact on my community.

Meet Victoria and Sierra

Victoria and Sierra joined the YLA in 2019. They attend the same high school and collaborated on an LDP focused on boosting community service among their peers.
Q: What need or problem in your community did you address in your project?

A: In our community, there are not many people who place a strong emphasis on community service. Therefore, we mobilized to establish a community service club on campus to engage our school in community service. We also raised awareness concerning significant social issues in our community such as poverty and hunger, and developed ways to help address these issues. 

Q: What were some key activities you implemented as part of your project?

A: We planned and hosted community food drives and developed different monthly service activities. For one of our monthly service activities, we donated non-perishable items and toiletries.

Q: Do you think your project was successful? 

A: Yes, we think that our project was successful. Our school became more engaged in community service. Our community service club provided resources to help our community fight issues like hunger. We also created an Instagram page (@hilltownsproject6) to capture our club activities.

Q: What would you describe as the highlight of your project?

A: The highlight of our project was attending our weekly club meetings because we enjoyed supporting and listening to our members’ ideas for upcoming community service projects/events.

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Victoria & Sierra

Victoria and Sierra attended the 2019 YLA, and since they attend the same high school, they decided to collaborate on an LDP. They designed and implemented an engaging project to boost their campus involvement in community service.
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